More Practice on Posting

We are well into March, and I have a virtual con looming in front of me, also a virtual visit with my tax person. Not my favorite month in the best of times. Here is a poem.

(I am still having a problem inputting verse. The only way for me to get the line spacing right changes the typeface.)

( And yet, in an earlier post, I did get both the line spacing and the type the way I wanted. How? A mystery.)

The Owl
Upside down, the owl
stares under the branch.
Our gazes meet.
Welcome, bird of
Athena, possibly wise,
you of golden eyes
and silent flight. 
I praise your sight
and the strong beat
of your wings,
your talons like knives –
who can survive them?
You strike, lift off,
are gone. 

Clam Poem

I’m the happiest clam in the ocean.
I’m the happiest clam in the sea.
All of the oysters in all of the bays
Haven’t an equal to me.
I don’t have a pearl to give you.
I don’t have a pearl to share.
But this is a song to help you along
As you travel from here to there.

Don’t ask me what led to this poem. Clearly I was in a happy mood when I wrote it. I still like it. Happy, silly poems can be good, or at least happy.