Tomb of the Fathers

Book Cover: Tomb of the Fathers

"Lydia Duluth—interstellar traveler, holovid location scout, and star of several of Arnason's short stories—explores the purported lost home world of the matriarchal, lizardlike Atch in this stand-alone adventure. She's joined by her occasional lover Olaf Reykjavik; Vagina "Gina" Dentata, a modified pseudo-ape; Precious Bin, a male Atch; and several artificial intelligences (one of which resides in her head). Lydia discovers warlike female Atch descendants who have killed off the males and now reproduce by cloning, but when she and her team try to leave, they're trapped by a slightly barmy AI intent on keeping the violent Atch from traveling in space. Fans of Arnason's dry wit, entertaining character interactions, and complex, imaginative futures will be delighted by this tale and the promise of a forthcoming Lydia Duluth collection."

Publishers Weekly


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