Ring of Swords

The new edition of Ring of Swords, published by Aqueduct Press in 2018. Buy it here.

"Tiptree Award–winner Arnason (A Woman of the Iron People) skillfully blends anthropology and gender questions with intrigue and adventure in this provocative tale of alien contact, a long-out-of-print 1993 feminist science fiction classic that’s still strong and relevant 25 years on. Exobiologist Anna Perez just wants to study her jellyfishlike creatures in peace, without the crowded distraction of a bunch of diplomats preparing for the first nonviolent meeting between humanity and the alien hwarhath. Then the hwarhath arrive with a human: Nicholas Sanders, a civilian captured 20 years ago, who’s now a translator between the two races. A casual encounter with Nick puts Anna in the crosshairs of human military intelligence, who want Nick back. A failed kidnapping attempt ignites a tense showdown. To prevent a bloodbath, the hwarhath demand the human military turn over Nick—and Anna. With fascination overcoming trepidation, Anna agrees, setting off on the exploratory mission of a lifetime. The tense plot, alive with skillful worldbuilding and fascinating characters, is as entertaining as it is fascinating. An introduction by Ursula K. Le Guin reminds readers exactly why Arnason’s novel remains important today."
-- Publishers Weekly starred review



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