F & SF

Book Cover: F & SF

This is about "Laki," a huge volcanic eruption in Iceland at the end of the 18th century and a farm family that struggles to survive the eruption. The eruption was real and terrible, but the trolls are made up.



Book Cover: Uncanny

I don't actually know when this is coming out. (Maybe I should check the Uncanny website.) Anyway, this issue will contain a story of mine titled "The Graveyard." It's a ghost story set in contemporary Iceland, and it's based on a conversation I had with the curator of an Icelandic history site. So part of the story is true, insofar as ghost stories are true.


The Book of Magic

Book Cover: The Book of Magic

The story in this anthology, "Loft the Sorcerer," is based on an Iceland folktale, I think a famous one, though I am not an expert on Icelandic folktales. The early part of my story is directly from the folktale. Then, in the middle, I take it in a new direction involving trolls. I like my version of Icelandic trolls, as did the editor of this anthology, the late Gardner Dozois.



Book Cover: Clarkesworld

December, 2016 issue.

My story "Checkerboard Planet" is in this. It's one of a series of stories -- space opera, I guess you would call them -- about Lydia Duluth, who is a former revolutionary and present location scout for the famous interstellar holoplay company Stellar Harvest.


Infinity Wars

Book Cover: Infinity Wars

My story "Mines" is in this.Gardner Dozois picked it up for one of his Best SF of the Year anthologies. I am very fond of this story because it has an African Giant Pouched Rat in it. The hero of the story is okay, but the rat is excellent.