Bald Eagles

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We went shopping in a nearby suburb — first to Duluth Trading, where we each bought a pair of underpants, then to the grocery store. The day is gorgeous: a cloudless blue sky, bright sun, and cold air. A perfect January day, though we could use more snow. The way back went down to the Mississippi and then along it. As we got to the river, I saw three large birds with long wings. Eagles, almost certainly, flying above the river. Then, as we drove along the river, I saw an adult eagle perched in a tree, its white head and tail unmistakable. A bit farther on, another large bird with long wings flew toward us. Patrick saw this one. He had missed the earlier ones, being busy driving. It was another eagle, probably not fully mature. I saw some white on its head, but not much. Finally, as we approached downtown, we saw five more birds over the Robert Street Bridge. Again, big and with long wings held straight out as they soared. So, ten eagles almost certainly. Nothing else is so big with such long wings. We have seen that many eagles south of the Metro Area along the Mississippi and Lake Pepin, which is a wide place in the river. But never so many in the Cities.