More Practice on Posting

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We are well into March, and I have a virtual con looming in front of me, also a virtual visit with my tax person. Not my favorite month in the best of times. Here is a poem.

(I am still having a problem inputting verse. The only way for me to get the line spacing right changes the typeface.)

( And yet, in an earlier post, I did get both the line spacing and the type the way I wanted. How? A mystery.)

The Owl
Upside down, the owl
stares under the branch.
Our gazes meet.
Welcome, bird of
Athena, possibly wise,
you of golden eyes
and silent flight. 
I praise your sight
and the strong beat
of your wings,
your talons like knives –
who can survive them?
You strike, lift off,
are gone. 

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  1. Magically, the type has changed, unless I have an elf or brownie coming in to fix my posts.

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