Hidden Folk

Book Cover: Hidden Folk

Stories based on medieval Icelandic literature and Icelandic folktales.

Secreted away in Iceland's meadows and mountain crags dwell the Hidden Folk--magical beings from the age of the Vikings. In this new collection, Eleanor Arnason has crafted five original tales both fantastical and contemporary, where ordinary folk cross paths with elves and trolls, heroes and magicians, vengeful ghosts, a were-puffin, and even the devil himself. With the same clean, laconic style and quiet sense of humor beloved to readers of her previous award-winning novels and stories, she weaves together the rich imaginative tradition of the Norse sagas and folktales with persistent concerns of our own time: social and environmental justice, the rights of women and underrepresented peoples, and the desire of working people everywhere for freedom and self-determination. In the words of National Book Award winner Will Alexander, "Eleanor Arnason is wise, and everyone who reads Hidden Folk will become the wiser for it. They ll have too much fun to notice, though."

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