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I have a story that just came out in F&SF. I haven’t seen the cover yet. It is about a six-foot tall cat, who stands on his hind legs and dresses in suits and wants to have a dragon.

I’ve been writing a fair amount of nice fiction lately. When I think about it, it makes me uneasy. Shouldn’t I produce something dark with a knife edge? Something suitable to this dark and disturbing era? Then I think, “No.”

From a review (in Amazing Stories) of the new issue of F&SF:

“Our first novelette is, Mr. Catt, by Eleanor Arnason, an endearingly enchanting tale, exploring the depths of a person’s true character when the chips are down and life gets difficult. Yes, we sometimes think of those with an overdeveloped sense of morality and high standards as a bit boring. Well, in Mr. Catt, we see how those qualities hide a deeper resolve: to always try and do the right thing. And how that tenacity can pay off in the most unexpected ways.”

Update: I now have the cover and have posted it.

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  1. I LOVED “Mr. Catt”!!!!! Is it possible that there may be some more adventures with him in the works? Perhaps with Buddy (Dr. Watson as a dragon and new name, and of course Mrs. (Hudson) Catt … A more charming and delightful story I cannot remember having read in a loooong time. Please 🙏 if you can. Thank you and all the best!

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